Re-elect Bill Knowles - Hamilton County Clerk


Hamilton County residents support Bill Knowles.  Read what your fellow residents say about County Clerk Knowles.

I have known Bill Knowles for many years and have had numerous occasions to work with his office. Bill is competent, honest and ethical in all of his dealings with the public. Bill has made many improvements in how matters are handled in his office and many of these have been accepted and instituted statewide. We need Bill Knowles as County Clerk.--Grady Williams

The Hamilton County Clerk's office should not be considered a political party office.  It is a complicated business that serves all Hamilton County citizens. With all the laws, rules, and regulations changing in this office daily, there is no way Bill Knowles' knowledge, experience, professional and business-like management can be duplicated.--Ed Gravitte


Having lived in several East Tennessee Counties, I can say without a doubt that the Hamilton County Clerk's office is the finest!  The leadership of Bill Knowles has created an office all citizens can be proud of.  It would be a shame to not re-elect this servant of the people.  I am voting for Bill Knowles and invite others as well.-- Mitch McClure


I know Bill Knowles to be a man of great integrity, an honest, trustworthy and dedicated public servant. He has served all citizens of Hamilton County, efficiently and impartially, for many years. If you need it done NOW, go to my friend, Bill Knowles.-- Harold Burnsed

The good folks of Hamilton County are so blessed with the quality of service and professionalism that Bill Knowles and his outstanding staff have provided us all over the years.  Thank you Bill for your invaluable and tireless service to the citizens of HamiltonCounty. Keep up the great work!--Ben Probasco

I would like to put my endorsement on William (Bill) Knowles for re-election to CountyClerk.  I have known Bill Knowles for many years and he is  the most honest person that I have ever known.  He treats every one equal.  I will vote for William (Bill) Knowles.--Thomas (Tommy) Tillman

HamiltonCountyis indeed fortunate to have Bill Knowles serving as our Court Clerk. He has proven to be a man of honesty, and always looking for ways to give service to his constituents. He is indeed a wonderful and dedicated Christian gentleman and a warm personal friend. We urge HamiltonCountyvoters to re-elect Mr. Knowles.-- John R. Andrus

As a former employee of Mr. Knowles, I found him to have high expectations of himself and his staff to serve the taxpayers.  He constantly strives to make the office more efficient.  He is honest and respectful to his position.--Tiffany Edwards

Several years ago I had a very positive experience with County Clerk Bill Knowles' office.  After contacting Bill Knowles he took a personal interest in my problem and assisted me to complete a vehicle transaction.  It really meant a lot to me.  Mary F. Ayers

Ellen and  Ken Hays would be honored to be a special friend supporting Bill's reelection campaign.  Thanks and good luck!--Ken Hays

I have known Bill Knowles since we were in Chattanooga Central High School. He has always been a gracious gentleman. I count it a distinctive honor to be called his friend. He has my unqualified endorsement for reelection as Hamilton County Clerk.-- Glen H. Jones

We have known Bill Knowles all of our lives.  It is with pleasure that we recommend him as a man of the highest integrity and honesty. In addition, he has so much experience and has done a great job as our County Clerk.  We urge you to re-elect Bill Knowles.--Helen and Charles Perry  

Bill has been my friend for years.  He is a trustworthy friend.  Look at his record over all his years of service, HIS RECORD SPEAKS FOR ITSELF.  I highly endorse him for our CountyClerk.--Mack Parker

I have been blessed by the service of Bill Knowles and his entire staff at the County Clerk's office.  Whether it has been related to simple issues of renewing a license tag (online or in person), helping someone obtain state identification or dealing with business tax issues, I have found every counter representative and telephone attendant to be professional and efficient.  I believe that these traits are instilled from the "top down," too, for Bill Knowles has performed his service to our county with integrity, professionalism and efficiency.  His vision for our county has included the vast array of bringing the County Clerk's office into the 21st century by making online services available -- setting standards that other counties are now attempting to catch up to -- to the simple method of operation of remembering always that every individual is a vital member of our community.  In a time that our country needs to exercise an extra measure of prudence in our re-election of officials, Bill Knowles has earned our trust as he has served our community to the fullest of his ability with integrity.  Bill Knowles provides the leadership Hamilton County needs and has come to rely on.--Joel Davenport

I have known Bill Knowles for many years and was privileged and honored to have worked alongside him in County government. He has graced his position as Clerk with integrity and efficiency. He conducts his office with professionalism and dignity. Be proud, Hamilton County, that we have someone like Bill Knowles to represent us.--Judy Brown

I do not vote for the party but the man. Mr. Knowles has done a wonderful job trying to make it as convenient for the citizens of Hamilton county to get their tags. Mr. Knowles deserves to be re-elected to continue the great service that he and his office deliver for the citizens of this great county.--G.T. Pope

I first met Bill in the early 70s when he was a candidate for the first time.  He is still today the same "Bill" I met so many years ago.  He has served Hamilton County well, and I encourage the citizens to re-elect him.-- Jim Winters

I have known Bill Knowles for almost 50 years, beginning at the time he worked in his father-in-law's barber shop.  During this time I have never seen or heard of him being unethical or dishonest in any way.  He is a deeply committed Christian gentleman and is an asset to our community.  His many years as County Clerk have been marked by intelligent, honest, innovative leadership.  His accomplishments in that office are too many to even begin listing here.  He has been a true public servant who has always sought to serve the public with no trace of partisanship or personal agenda.   Hamilton County is fortunate to have such a man in this office.  Join me in helping to reelect Bill for another term.-- Harold E. Ogle


Hamilton County is fortunate to have the finest county clerk in the state, in the person of Bill Knowles. Your newspaper has reported that, in a day when most public offices have their hands out for more and more, Bill's office asked for a decrease in funding. Bill has been innovative and progressive, with such services as vehicle registration by mail and Internet and "no waiting" service for issuance of auto titles and driver's licenses.  His congeniality and selfless personal attitude has, when occasion called for it, even moved him to open his office on Saturday mornings for desperate clients. We know personally of an occasion when an absent-minded groom was reminded on Friday night that he didn't have the necessary marriage license for a Saturday wedding. Bill graciously met the fellow at his office and issued the precious document.  You will not find a better neighbor or dedicated public servant. We heartily recommend a vote for Bill Knowles at the August election.-- Wilma Dietzen


Re-elect Knowles to get 'real thing.'  Hamilton County has a great opportunity to re-elect Bill Knowles for County Clerk.  I have known Bill Knowles on a very personal level and have spent extensive time with him. Bill is "the real thing."  He is not your average "politician" but rather genuine, loving and caring servant with a heart desire to do his very best. Serving effectively and honorably means everything to Bill because, it is who he is.  Bill's history and record of impeccable service as County Clerk for over 43 years demonstrates best his commitment, ability, and most importantly, his true character. In a time of political uncertainty, with so many corrupt politicians failing morally and breaking promises they made to get elected, we are sometimes uncertain who we should vote for.  Bill Knowles is a refreshing contrast. You can cast your vote for Bill with all confidence in knowing exactly who and what you will be getting.--Jerry Morris


Rarely do I feel strongly enough about a candidate for public office to write a letter. However, this is one of those times.  Bill Knowles has proven over the past several years that he has the administrative ability and deep commitment to manage the office of county clerk in the most efficient manner possible.  He has personally assisted me several times when there was a glitch in a title transfer. At one point, he took the time to set up a long-distance conference call with me to clarify the procedure with a third party. He has never failed to return a call if there was any kind of question I might have about tags or titles.  He has set a standard of efficiency and courtesy that shows in each and every staff member in his office.  I believe we could do no better than to return Bill Knowles to the office of county clerk.--Larry McGee


It is a distinct honor and privilege for me to endorse a true friend and highly capable servant, Bill Knowles, for re-election as the Hamilton County clerk.  Bill has capably served in the position for many years and has been recognized by many organizations for his splendid leadership, innovations and ingenuity as our public servant in this very important position of our county government.  My belief is that Bill Knowles is undoubtedly the most efficient and progressive county clerk in the entire nation!  Bill Knowles is a man who possesses impeccable character; extensive knowledge of the duties required in the position as Hamilton County clerk; sensitivity to the needs and desires of his constituents; great work ethic; and a keen desire to assist in advancing Hamilton County as a great place in which to work, play, and/or enjoy retirement.  My request is that every individual, regardless of political affiliation, vote to re-elect this proven gentleman to continue in his role as Hamilton County clerk. My confidence is that Bill Knowles will never disappoint you as a qualified servant in the position or as a person with dignity, grace and intelligence.--L. Quentin Lane


I first met Bill many years ago in East Ridge, and everyone who knew Bill spoke very highly of him.  His office has always been run in a very professional manner, You always get a warm smile and great service.  I was very glad to run into Bill and Marlene months ago on the campaign trail, and I was very impressed with love of the job as our County Clerk.  I am proud to call Bill my friend, and I ask everyone to vote for Bill Knowles.--Perry Perkins


Knowles deserves to be re-elected.  Bill Knowles has done an excellent job and deserves to be re-elected County Clerk. Under his leadership many improvements have been made to provide better service for the public.  Bill Knowles is a man of honor and integrity. We need to keep his services.—Terrell Fugate

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