Re-elect Bill Knowles - Hamilton County Clerk

Knowles Captures Most Votes--42,479 Secures Bid for 11th Term

"Thank you Hamilton County voters for your confidence."   Bill Knowles

2014 Election Results


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    saved time and money for the people of Hamilton County:

First to bring internet tag renewal to Tennessee
Bill brought internet renewals to Hamilton County in 2001—the first in the State.  The State doubted that adequate security would be impossible, but Bill was determined to find a way.  The Clerk's office along with Hamilton County's Information Technology group developed the security needed.  The plan was submitted to the State…was scrutinized…and passed.  Since that moment more than 300,000 motorists have clicked their way to renewal.  The completed renewal registration is mailed out on the same day it is received!.

First to introduce driver's license renewals to Hamilton County Clerk's Office
Hamilton County residents agreed on the fact that the wait time at the State Driver Testing Centers was unreasonably long.  Bill worked with the State to secure a contract to allow his office to handle renewals, duplicates and name changes.  Almost 56,000 drivers have used this service since it began in 2004.  We do in minutes what the testing centers do in hours.

First to open full service tag & title satellite office with extended hours
The satellite office on Bonny Oaks Drive was originally the little brother of the main office at the courthouse, but today 74% of all motor vehicle work is processed at the satellite office.  The free parking and less congested access makes it a popular choice for most motorists.

First to launch on-the-spot vehicle title printing
"In the day" titles were printed at the State Capitol in Nashville, and wait-times on a title was months.  Bill sought out a contract to take on the responsibility for title printing locally, and today the wait time for a title processed by the County Clerk is usually three days or less.

First to implement online marriage license research to support genealogy study
Today if you go to, you can easily find public information about marriages.  Before, genealogy research was conducted on microfilm machines.  The process was tedious.  Not anymore.  Now you are a few clicks away from researching most marriage records dating back to 1857.

Pioneered license plate renewals-by-mail for Tennessee
For 35 years Tennesseans have been able to avoid long lines for auto renewals by using the mail-in option.  Did you know Bill was instrumental in the State law change that allowed such an option?  Before legislation was enacted, Hamilton County proved the mail plan's viability and convenience.

Developed best County Commission record keeping system in the State
About 50 times each year the Hamilton County Commission meets to consider action on matters concerning local residents.  The task of recording minutes and providing research for those minutes is placed on the County Clerk.  Hamilton County has come from yellow legal pads and pens to custom software that records meetings and makes audio copies available to the public and media within minutes of concluding the meeting.  In 2013 the office received 231 requests for research.

Earned the County $1.4 million by investing account funds
When Bill came into office in 1974 bank balances for his office generated no interest revenue.  Since that time he has invested money in safe, insured interest bearing accounts—earning Hamilton County more than $1.4 million dollars.






Paid for by the committee to Re-Elect Bill Knowles: Wayne Smith, Chairman